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MeCP2.org.uk is hosted at the ISCR, Edinburgh University, Scotland

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Welcome to MeCP2.org.uk

About MeCP2.org.uk

Launched in 2003 MeCP2.org.uk is an interactive version of the mutation frequency and symptoms databases originally established by Dr Brian Hendrich and Skirmantas Kriaucionis at the University of Edinburgh. The aim of MeCP2.org.uk is to collate and display mutation and symptom information from Rett Syndrome patients to allow the analysis of how symptoms correlate with MeCP2 mutation status.

Online Questionnaire Now Available !

We invite parents of Rett Syndrome patients who wish to support ongoing research efforts into Rett Syndrome to periodically submit symptom information directly to our database via our new online questionnaire.

Interested in a Particular Mutation ?

For information on a specific mutation, please either see our interactive Symptoms Database or search the RettBASE MeCP2 mutation database. We also provide a tool for viewing mutation frequency information.